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dark Comedy

Film by Derek Evans

written by Neal Reddy

Director’s Statement

Mental Health and the conversations surrounding this topic have had a strangle-hold over me for a long time. I can look back on all my films thus far, and if there is one thread that binds them, that’s the one. Neal approached me with “Barely Breathing” in the spring of 2021, and at the time, I wasn’t looking to take on another project… the draft I had read was by no means complete, but something compelled me;  his  intimate connection with the birth of this piece was honest, and I felt like there was more to the conversation that I could add. Lighting and Color can help draw focus. Sound can build a world, and Music can carry us through it. But nothing

 is more important to a piece’s success than the Story. Death is our only guarantee in this world, but how you deal with that will change how you experience life. By the end of this short, some would describe “BB” as a film about a young man struggling to cope with the death of his mom, but if you dig just a tad deeper, you’ll find that it’s about that young man’s struggle to realize that she never actually left. A little chaos has marred every generation; I hope this film rubs a bit of light in that dark.

Writer’s Statement

Greetings folks, Neal here. I ALMOST lost my Mom 20 years ago. She survived thankfully.  I have lived with Depression for as long as I can remember. I wrote ‘Barely Breathing’ 5 years ago as a way to create a “What if” world. What if I had lost my Mom all those years ago? What if I failed at a suicide attempt and was forced to face reality after surviving? I filled this made up world with real elements: depression, the guilt and shame that come with attempting suicide, using humor to mask pain, inability to communicate with my father like I did with my mother, etc. On the last day of filming in February of 2022, I got a text from my father that my Mom had contracted Covid. Seven weeks later she passed away after fighting for her life on a ventilator. What started out as “What If” had now become the worst possible reality. This is my first film and it will always have the most special place in my heart. My Mom will always be my favorite person and is the reason everything is possible.


Our production was 100% self funded, but we will never say no to some extra help. If you would like to support our project please donate below. The money will go to those on the Cast & Crew who donated their time and future film festival expenses. Anything would help and be greatly appreciated. 


Creative team

Derek Evans

Director, Producer

Neal Reddy

Writer, Producer

Alina Lia


Jaime Flanagan


Madison McKamey


Jacob Bryan Hale